On the 5th of July 2018 the BKA together with the Road Traffic Police and the non-governmental organization “Belarusian association of assistance to children and young people with disabilities” (NGO “BelAPDIiMI”), thanks to the support of EASST, held an action in the Kindergarten №239 in Minsk based on the Road Safety Education pack, which provides stimulating and engaging activities to introduce road safety messages to kids.

Not only the children of the kindergarten took part in the action, but also the invited guests – five children with disabilities. Four of them had an infantile cerebral: a six-year-old Vashilo Valentina, three-year-old Vashilo Timofei , five-year-old Sidorova Anna and five-year-old Stelmah Kirill. There was also a five-year-old boy, Rios Lovento Manuel who had autism. All of them gladly accepted the invitation to participate in the new educational program.

The project was aimed at teaching children who act both as pedestrians and as passengers how to choose  the correct safe behavior on the road and at providing a barrier-free environment. It included the principle of inclusion, which ensured equal educational opportunities and equal treatment for all people according to the principle of mutual assistance.


BKA told the children about the danger of the road, as well as the danger which the car carries and acquainted them with the rules of safety road crossing, using the principle “Stop. Look. Listen! “. The children were informed about the necessity to wear bright and noticeable clothes to be visible in the dark or in cloudy weather. Moreover, BKA stressed the importance of using seat belts and child restraints in the car. Vashilo Valentina suffered three strokes and almost couldn’t walk, but during the action she left her wheelchair as she was excited with an entertainment program.

During the event the children were given practical tasks in game form for better understanding of the material. The process of education was very exciting. All the children gladly fulfilled the tasks and successfully coped with them, even the children with autism, for whom it might be difficult to oerceive all the information. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. The children from the kindergarten prepared and presented drawings to the children with disabilities. At the end, all children were given sweet prizes, reflective elements and certificates. BKA received a huge gratitude from the parents of the children who also attended the event.

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