In the framework of the project “Kind Child Restraint” was held another action. It was organized in order to conduct a preventive conversation with drivers about the correct movement of young passengers in children’s restraints, as well as to promote the online platform , which was created specifically for the exchange of used car seats.

On the 29th of August, 2018 the campaign took place in the Moscow district of Minsk. The employees of BKA in cooperation with inspectors of the Road Traffic Police stopped the cars where there were children. They spoke in detail about the proper use of child restraints for drivers with small passengers, about the charity project “Kind Child Restraint”, aimed at the exchange of car seats, and the need to use flickers in the dark.

At the end of each conversation, drivers were presented with brochures of useful tips on the proper use of kind child restraints and a leaflet with information about the online platform, in which you can find the information about how the site works