January – December 2015
(supported by FIA)

The project addressed such a road safety problem as safer road users. Belarusian families have been chosen for the project taking into consideration 2 main reasons: 1 –family is usually represented by all road users (drivers, passengers and pedestrians); 2 – family is a social unit where the basis of children behavior is laid on, including road safety behavior. BKA is organizing a large seat belts and child restraints public awareness campaign in Minsk and Minsk region to influence the parents’ behavior on the road through their children. The main idea of the project is to make a special design of T-shirts drawing a seat belt in the form of children’s hands for parents and parents’ hands for children and produce T-shirts with the following slogans written on them: “Parents, fasten me – save the life you gave me”; “Daddy/Mummy, fasten! I always wait for you at home, I love you”.

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