Self-confidence, ambition, ability to inspire others, to charge them with energy are the most important qualities for both a business woman and a woman in a responsible leadership position.

On the 22nd of June the FEMINominal Forum dedicated to women’s leadership was held in Minsk. There were discussed the challenges that women face in life: in the public service, in international, public organizations in various countries. Also the participants talked about the access of women to leadership positions and the problem of difference of wages in the corporate sector, about gender stereotypes and how to cope with them.

Successful women and interested men were invited to the event. FEMINominal gathered the representatives of international companies, intergovernmental and international organizations working in Belarus, heads of leading Belarusian companies, sociologists, representatives of academic circles and public organizations, opinion leaders, both among speakers and among invited guests. The invited guests shared their success stories, positive emotions, inspiring each other for further achievements.

BKA also co-organized this unusual event. The President of BKA – Rafael Musaev – attended the forum as a speaker. The specificity of his management is providing unique opportunities and development of women as leaders in business. A clear confirmation of this is the companies SmokTravel and BKA, whose teams consist mainly of women.

The forum was aimed to show that today women’s business has a great potential for development. By supporting and encouraging it, the private sector will grow even faster. Through communication, sharing of experience and support from each other, women can best realize their capacity in partnership with men.

The event was completed by a cocktail dinner, where guests and participants could discuss what they heard during the forum, share their experiences and just enjoy a great evening in good company.