During the last period in Moscow district of Minsk the Road Traffic Police revealed 19 cases of non-use of child restraints.  Due to this alarming fact, on the 17th of July the Road Traffic Police turned to BKA as an organization that deals with road safety, with a proposal to conduct a preventive action that increases people’s awareness of the correct use of child restraints.

The action is aimed not only at identifying violations of the rules of transportation of children, but also to educate parents. Car owners need to know how to use car seats and boosters.

The action took place at the road junction, where a lot of cars passed. The employees of BKA together with the Road Traffic Police officers stopped the cars where there were the young passengers, checking the presence of CRS, whether the child seats were installed and whether the children were fixed in them correctly. BKA also took advantage of the campaign to promote its project “Kind Child Restraint”. BKA employees told the drivers about the donation platform encouraging them to take part in the charity project. At the end, all the participants received little souvenirs from BKA. The adults received a brochure with useful tips on choosing, installing and using CRS and a flyer with information about the online-platform www.dobroekreslo.by. For young participants of the campaign, BKA prepared reflecting elements and t-shirts with the logo of the project “Kind Child Restraint”.

The representatives of TV channel “Minsk TV” also attended the campaign to shot a report which will be released very soon in the framework of the program “Highway”.