On March 18, a seminar for drivers and conductors was held in the Bus Park No. 1 in Soligorsk. During the event, the NGO “BKA “and the experts of the NGO” BelTIZ“, the NGO” RAIK “and the NGO” BelAPDIiMI” told how to properly help people with visual disabilities, mental disabilities and people using a wheelchair in public transport. The seminar included theory and practice. People using a wheelchair have shown on low-floor and high-floor buses with and without a ramp, how drivers and conductors can help them in boarding and beboarding.
The event was covered in the newspaper “Shakhtzer” , on the official channel “Belaruskali”, and will also be covered in the newspapers “Leader-Press”, “Kaliishchik Soligorska”, the editorial office of the online publication “str3.by”, on the Soligorsk TV channel.
BKA also visited Vitebsk, Luninets, Grodno (bus and trolleybus park), and Mogilev.