On 9th and 10th of June the rally “Old-Timer” was held in Minsk.  This was a large-scale event which united more than 50 retro cars from Belarus and Russia in Minsk. The main square of the capital of the Republic of Belarus was turned into an open air car showroom. After the exposition, all the retro cars underwent to the traditional motor rally along the main streets of Minsk. This year the festival has been held already for the tenth time. Every year the number of participants increases.

Under the invitation of the organizer of the event and at the same time a longterm partner of  BKA – public association “Belarusian Automobile Federation” – auroclub team also took an active part in the event. Employees of BKA organized an entertainment program, which consisted of various games, quizzes and  contests road safety with prizes. Both children and adults participated in the competitions. All those present had a great pleasure from the event, which, for sure, they would remember for a long time.

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