April – December 2016
(supported by EASST)

Project was launched to identify the needs, desires and problems that disabled people face as road users in order to issue recommendation letters to public policy makers. An overall goal of this project was to take appropriate measures in order to guarantee people’s with disabilities right to road safety and to release them from “out-sider” position. In order to identify the needs of disabled people BKA developed questionnaires addressed both to disabled people and their carers to understand what should be improved on the roads according disabled people’s needs. The desires and problems of disabled people reflected in the questionnaires formed the basis for a comprehensive recommendation letter that was sent to the Road Traffic Police that is in charge of Road Safety Commission in the Republic of Belarus. To influence social attitude to disabled people, to instil to people’s minds understanding that there is only one step from being a healthy person to becoming a disabled one BKA produced and released the video (https://yadi.sk/i/QnDC3cUQstWSt)  and a short film (https://youtu.be/81Dn9A-3494) which were broadcasted on TV and were available on web-portals.  The videos demonstrated the difficulties disabled people face while going to work, to a doctor or just travelling and made people put themselves into the disabled people’s shoes.
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