The project “Kind Child Restraint”, which aims to provide low-income families with many children with the new and used CRS, is attracting more and more attention from the general public. Recently 20 families have become owners of CRS in the framework of the project!

The Sorokin family was the first lucky ones who received a CRS thanks to the project. The father of the family learned about the project, listening to radio on his way to work. He immediately called his wife Irina, who left a request on the website

The project worked simultaneously in two directions with Catherine Petrukovsky. Catherine donated an old CRS which no longer fitted her daughter’s age and weight to the project. In return, the family Petrukovsky got a new CRS which was more suitable for the girl’s physical development.

“It’s great that the Club provides such assistance. In fact, the prevention of child traumatism is very important today, because children are our future, and they should be safe,” Ekaterina shared with the BKA team.

BKA is making great efforts to promote the project. Thus, in March, a competition was held on one of the most popular radio channels of Belarus – Radio Minsk. The winner of the car booster was Natalia Garbar. Natalia had been living in Belarus not so long ago, and she was surprised that there were organizations that advocate for road safety.

“It was very interesting to get acquainted with such a socially significant project. All children must travel safely, but not everyone has such opportunity. Therefore, the Club is doing a really necessary and important thing, for which I want to thank it”.

In addition, with the aim of promoting the project, the representatives of the TV channel “MINSK TV” were invited to BKA office. A television reporter captured the process of transferring a CRS to a family with many children. Also the representatives of the TV channel interviewed the family members, as well as a senior inspector for propaganda and agitation of the Road Traffic Police, who stressed the importance of using the CRS to ensure the safety of children in the car. After the release of the television report, BKA received a huge number of applications on the website from those who wanted to donate and receive CRS in the framework of the project.

On the 1st of July on the occasion of the International children’s day BKA presented a new booster to Elena Rubina, a mom of three.

The next step in the promotion of the project was the creation of an animated video. Our idea is not only to popularize the project, but also to emphasize that kindness and willingness to help are distinctive features of the Belarusian national character. That is why the film was created in the Belarusian language and traditional motives of the Belarusian culture were used in it.

For all participants of the project, BKA conducted a detailed instruction on the installation of a CRS in the car and on the correct fixation of a child in it. Moreover, each of the participants received brochures with useful tips on the use of CRS and reflective elements.

If you want to become a part of the project, leave a request on the website  and our experts will contact you soon. There are a lot of meetings with new faces of our project ahead of us!