July 2014 –April 2015
(supported by EASST)

BKA together with the Traffic Road Police and with support of EASST produced two road safety videos to be shown across national television channels and at big enterprises and schools. (https://www.bka.by/ru/info/news/2835/). “Kids are not responsible” is a 27-minute video investigating the question of child safety on the streets and near schools in Minsk. The video contains several interviews and life stories of local families affected by road accidents. It highlights the importance of strict enforcement of speed limits in school zones and kids’ play areas. The video shows the examples of drivers’ negligence and lack of responsibility when driving in the city.

BKA and the Road Traffic Police also produced a short video “Follow the Rules – Save Your Live” dedicated to the issue of speeding and the importance of following traffic rules since young age.

You can see the video here: