On November 13, as part of the project “Visibility for Children in Rural Communities” completion, BKA visited Bobruisk and Slutsk. The BKA team came to two regions with educational materials on road safety for children, as well as with hi-viz mascots and patches that were sewn from retroreflective clothing at the “Road to life” enterprise in Stolin. A quiz and an educational conversation on road safety were also held for the children.
The beginning of December is approaching, the daylight is getting even shorter. One of the main objectives of the project “Visibility for Children in Rural Communities” is to provide visibility of children on the roads during hours of darkness, especially in rural areas where street lights are installed not everywhere. Hi-viz mascots and patches disseminated by BKA in the regions will help to protect children from road accidents. Children in the regions were very grateful for the hi-viz mascots and patches provided and promised to always wear them during hours of darkness.
In the framework of the project “Visibility for Children in Rural Communities”, BKA visited Mozyr, Stolin, Novopolotsk, Zhlobin, Gomel, Bobruisk and Slutsk. In total, about 509 children were educated in the regions. Each child received hi-viz mascot and patch as a gift.