Every year, on November 20, the world celebrates World Children’s Day.
The date of November 20 was not chosen by chance. It is timed to coincide with the signing of the Declaration of the rights of the child in 1959 and the adoption of the Convention on the rights of the child in 1989. The General Assembly, in its resolution, assumed that the universal celebration of world children’s day would serve to strengthen solidarity and cooperation among Nations, and also declared that “humanity is obliged to give the child the best that it has”, to guarantee the enjoyment of all rights and freedoms for the benefit of them and society.
BKA once again reminds parents about ensuring the safety of children on the roads. This is especially important now, when the daylight hours are getting shorter every day and children return from school at dark hours, if their parents do not pick them up from school. It is necessary to remember about the use of hi-viz materials, retroreflective patches and clothing. Please, pay attention to the knowledge of children in the field of road safety: how to cross the street, how to behave, what to pay attention to, what actions can be performed and what can not.
BKA also asks parents to always transport children under 12 years and 150 cm in child restraints in the car, to select, install and use them correctly. This way you will ensure maximum safety of the little passenger on the road.
The BKA team is always happy to provide families with child restraints (leave a request on the website www.dobroekreslo.by), give advice on the selection and installation, and hi-viz materials at no charge. You can also call +375291919116 or write to us in instagram.
Happy World Children’s Day to children and we wish them safe roads!