On June 19, BKA team visited Stolin, where the “Road to life” enterprise is located. “Road to life” is the club’s partner in the project “Visibility of children on the road in rural communitites of the Republic of Belarus”. This project re-uses donated high visibility clothing to create other items that promote children’s visibility and safety.  The enterprise  “Road to life” that employs poeople with disabilities and produces handicrafts, turn these hi viz materials into ‘mascots’ or tags for school book bags and children’s coats.  These items will be distributed to children free of charge in the areas where night time visibility is poor in the fall of 2020.  The distribution of the mascots would be accompanied by road safety education sessions raising children’s awareness of the importance of visibility around roads.

During a visit to Stolin BKA team delivered employees of the “Road to life” missing materials for the manufacture of reflective products, discussed with partners plans for the future and also recorded a short interview with the Director of the enterprise – Malvina Vidrickaya:

On June 30, BKA club held the first campaign in the framework of the project in the kindergarten №239 in Minsk. During the event, the club employees told the children about how to mark themselves in the dark with the help of reflective elements, after which all the children received reflective mascots for school book bags.

A series of events in educational institutions in rural areas of the Republic of Belarus is planned for September-October 2020.