In the 7th of March, on the eve of the International Women’s Day, BKA together with the Road Traffic Police held the campaign on the one of Minsk roads. During the campaign the Road Traffic Police officers stopped the cars controlled by the women drivers. Instead of fines the ladies gave fresh flowers and pleasant gifts. All the drivers were positively surprised by the unexpected congratulations and were glad to take photos with BKA and the Road Traffic Police representatives.

BKA also took advantage of this event to announce the launch of its new project “Kind Child Restraint” dedicated to development of the donation platform for the exchange of the used CRS – The core aim of the project “Kind Child Restraint” which BKA implements in collaboration with The Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) is to provide low-income families with many children who may face difficulties with the purchase of the CRS for each child. During the campaign on the 7th of March BKA disseminated the brochures with useful information correct use of CRS and told the women who had children about the project encouraging them to take an active part in it.