On the 22d of March BKA together with the Road Traffic Police held a campaign on one of the roads of Minsk in support of the new project “Kind Child Restraint”. The place of the campaign wasn’t chosen by chance: near the 19th Minsk children’s hospital BKA and the Road Traffic Police hoped to meet a lot of parents with children.

In the course of the campaign the Road Traffic Police officer stopped the cars, where there were children in CRS, and asked them to take part in the campaign. BKA told the drivers about the project explaining the conditions of CRS donation through the website www.dobroekreslo.by and after that presented the participants little souvenirs. The adult car occupants received the brochure with the useful pieces of advice on the correct choice, installation and use of CRS and a leaflet with the information on online platform www.dobroekreslo.by. For the little participants of the campaign BKA prepared reflective elements with the logo of the project “Kind Child Restraint” and sweets.

Moreover, BKA checked whether the children were fixed in the CRS correctly in the stopped cars. It must be noted that that among the checked cars almost all the children were fixed in CRS correctly which shows that the work undertaken by BKA in the framework of the previous project “Be 5 star parent in the car” proved to be really effective. Those drivers who fixed their children incorrectly in CRS were let go with a warning but promised that they would ensure their children’s safety in the car in the future.

In addition to the campaign on the road, in order to attract the attention of wide audience to the project “Kind Child Restraint”, BKA launched the series of events on one of the most popular radio channels of Belarus. These days on the radio channel “Minsk News” the competition on the knowledge of CRS legislation in Belarus is held.  As a result of the competition, in two weeks the winner will receive a new Dorel CRS as a prize from BKA.