On the 13th of March BKA took part in the large-scale event dedicated to the closing of the motor season in the center of Minsk. BKA represented the stand with the child seats in the game zone for children.

Within the event the club held the free donation of the child seats kindly provided to BKA by the Italian Automobile Club – ACI. ACI collected the used the used child seats from the families in Italy and delivered them to BKA for the benefits of the families in the Republic of Belarus.

BKA organized for the visitors with children a competition on the right use of the child restraint systems. The winners received from BKA child seats free of charge as well as the brochures with the recommendations on the choice, installation and use of CRS and reflective elements.

The rest of the child seats donated by the ACI will be distributed among the low-income families with many children through the online donation platform www.dobroekreslo.by.