21-27 May, 2018

(supported by Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety)

The project #ThisIsMyStreet was held in the framework of the Global Week of Action of the Child Health Initiative. The Global Week of Action was dedicated to the creation of the necessary conditions to ensure safe journey of children to the place of their study in the different countries of the world.

Before the Global Week of Action BKA selected 7 schools and 7 kindergartens in different districts of Minsk (in total 14 educational institutions) which had the most unsafe in terms of road safety environment for the children. BKA asked the children of these educational institutions to prepare a drawing under the title “#ThisIsMyStreet” in which they could depict the problems and dangers which they faced on their way to the kindergarten or school and what could be done to make their journey safer. The best children’s works were printed in the form of large banners.

Afterwards BKA visited the educational institutions to place the banners with the image of the children’s drawings on the fences and walls of the schools and kindergartens.  BKA also took advantage of these visits to remind children about the basic road safety rules in an interesting game form. At the end of the events in the kindergartens and schools the children received thank-you gifts for their active participation in the drawing contest.