December 2017 – October 2018

(supported by FIA)

“Kind child restraint” is the prolongation of the project “Be 5 star parent in the car” implemented by BKA in Belarus in August 2016 – June 2017. The primary goal of “Be 5 star parent in the car”  was to increase awareness of Belarusian population about the correct use of child restraint systems. “Kind child restraint” focuses mainly on the promotion of the donation platform for the exchange of the used CRS. Its core aim is to provide low-income families with many children who may face difficulties with the purchase of the CRS  for each child.

From one side, families, who need CRS and can’t afford it, can leave an application on the website and get a CRS for temporary use. When handing the CRS to families, BKA conducts a detailed instruction on the correct installation and use of child restraints.

On the other side, people, who no longer need the CRS, can also leave an application on the website and donate the CRS to the project. Those who donate CRS receive souvenirs and discounts for membership in BKA.

In order to encourage people to participate in the project, BKA holds campaigns on the road and in public places, make appearances on radio and TV. Moreover, an animated film promoting the donation platform was created with the subsequent broadcast on TV and in BKA social networks.

Thanks to the active promotion of the donation platform BKA has already managed to provide 20 families with the CRS and boosters since the moment of the project launch.