On the 17th of October a bright event – “Bikequest by BPS-Sberbank” – was held  in Mogilev on the occasion of the opening of a new point of BPS-Sberbank. It was also organized by the team of BKA.

Young cyclists were going to have an amazing adventure, thanks to which they were able to feel themselves in the role of super-agents performing a secret mission. The guys had to solve intellectual puzzles in different places of Mogilev. They moved around the city on bicycles, using a map of the city with marked places where they had to perform tasks. On each point the participants had to find an artificial intelligence by the name of Olesya  who explained the rules of a certain task, and if it was difficult for children to solve them, she helped the young participants. Olesya could be recognized by the green neck-handkerchief on her collar.

At the end of the event, all participants were awarded nice prizes, such as: a bicycle water bottle, a helmet, a flicker and much more. Three finalists of the bikequest received gift certificates in the “Sportmaster” store. Moreover, there was an entertainment program for residents of the city in front of the new office of the bank. There was a colorful photo zone which attracted the attention of citizens. It was hard to pass by and not to be photographed on it. Also there was a financial quiz. At the end of the action there were given prizes and free coffee in an unusual retro bicycle cafe for participants. There was an exhibition of retro bicycles, where everyone could learn the history of their creation from the expert.

Even the weather contributed to the elated mood at the event — it was warm and sunny in Mogilev as never before! BKA congratulates its partner – BPS-Sberbank – with the opening of a new point and wishes more customers!