It is a great honor for BKA that Ms. Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki, the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus,  supported the project “Kind Child Restraint”.

On the 1st of October, 2018 BKA team together with the Smorschek family visited the UN office in Minsk. There Ms. Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki personally handed over the CRS of her 7-year-old son to the participants of the project.  In gratitude for this gift, the eldest daughter of the Smorschek family presented to the Coordinator a souvenir drawing.

Ms. Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki gave a short interview to the representatives of BKA, in which she noticed that it should be remembered about the law which was introduced in 2016 in the Republic of Belarus. This law provides  the mandatory use of child restraint system when transporting children under the age of twelve in a car.  She also shared her personal experience: “In New-York, where my son was born, I would not be able to take him outside of the door of the hospital if he did not have the car seat. To that extend this is a very important question and it is protected by law and should be protected also by the parents who are responsible for the safety of the kids”.

BKA express the gratitude to the UN office in Belarus for their support of the project “Kind Child Restraints”. Donating an unnecessary CRS to the project, you can make sure that many more young passengers will remain safe when transported in the car. The safety of children is in our hands! Let’s do goodness together!